Comic Collab #69 ‘Forest’

For the first time I participated in the Comic Collab initiated by german comic artist Schlogger. The topic for this month was ‘forest’. As the initiative is german, I uploaded my comic in german - but there’s an english version at the end of this blog post as well.

Over the rest of the day, I’ll link of other artists who joined the Comic Collab this month here as well:


english version

Sunday Doodles

For practising a render technique for illustrations (2D) I created some assets in flat shapes only to add light and shadows later. I’ll create more assets and composite them all togehter into one scene.

As I’m working on the Grand Gin Rummy mobile game which plays in a hotel, the choice of my theme might’ve been influenced by that a tiny bit ;-)

Grand Gin Rummy Valentine’s Special

Now where the Valentine’s Day is over, I can show you my latest work for Grand Gin Rummy. Currently we a running a special Valentine’s Table with higher stakes. I was responsible for all ingame graphics and I enjoyed working on it! .

Card Back

I started with card backs containing a central icon which expands to the corners, like we had it in our previous ‘4th of July’ Special. As main symbols I worked with flowers and hearts. I created graphics starting from the center, the corners and created patterns as well.


We decided to go for a heart pattern, so I improved the shape and worked on the color combinations. Parallel I worked on the ingame background and created frames as overlay for our default background.

background explorations

special shop entry

Also have a look at the banners the marketing team created with my assets:

Casual Connect Conference 2017

Today I visited the Casual Connect conference. I got the opportunity to visit some interesting talks i.e. about HTML5 Games, Unity Ads and upcoming Facebook Game Features.

Also I couldn’t resist to grab some cute stuffed animals - hellooooo, you always get with me cute animals! Btw, there were a lot of ‘angry birds’ hidden everywhere - the person who finds the most is getting a free ticket for the next Casual Connect. So far I haven’t heard of anyone having more than me, which is awesome two angry birds! CC 2018, I’m coming! ;-)

Animated trailer for

A while ago I created a new trailer for the app Totally forgot to post it here - it’s running on Youtube and on our app pages.  

All animations, also the gameplay ones, are done in After Effects without any screencaptures, so that we can easily exchange parts of the video for new trailers.
I created the scenes similar to some banners I created for, i.e. simplifying the gameplay screens for more effective compositions instead of rebuilding the screen 1:1.

I like 2D animations a lot, so this was for sure one of my favourite tasks for the marketing team!

Grand Gin Rummy - social media posts

I created some layouts for our social media postings during the Grand Gin Rummy tournaments. In the past, my colleague Robert Schneider and me were working on an internal tool for four social media & PR team (WYSIWYG). For this tool, I created new graphics and elements with our new tournament assets and implemented them into the tool.

Please note: all texts are just placeholder. Our content managers will update you about news and improvements of the tournament on our Facebook channel.

My part: Layout, Coding (HTML, CSS)

Using Format