1. Ice Ice Baby

    Date 28 Aug 2017
    Another Special for Grand Gin Rummy! As in the past specials I was responsible for offering some concepts and then creating and implementing the assets - this time with the allowance to go a bit off-style and create more attention.  Goodbye styleguide colors - a dream in pastel With that freedom, I could go…

  2. Jackpot!

    Date 21 Aug 2017
    One of our newest features in the Grand Gin Rummy app is the Jackpot! Beneath other things, I had the pleasure to be responsible for the main visual, which was a lot of fun!  Explorations I First, thinking of a Jackpot, the idea was an actual pot, so I spend the…

  3. Unlocked Indicator

    Date 20 Aug 2017
    A short entry for today: We needed an indicator for new or unlocked content, i.e. after a level-up. Every time the user returns to the main menu after unlocking new content, this overlay is shown. I uploaded the preview graphics here, final animations were done in Unity 3D. To keep things simple…

  4. Main Menu: XP Bonus Indicator

    Date 18 Aug 2017
    We wanted to add a bonus in experience points on higher stakes, so I created some drafts how we could display the bonus in the very narrow space in the Stake Selection.As I created the XP icon in 3D, I also created some drafts with XP stacks in perspective, unfortunately…

  5. XP-Icon or how to struggle with Blender

    Date 18 Aug 2017
    Me: “Oh, I really should learn to use Blender. It’s a free 3D software and I possibly can create cool stuff with it!”Also me: opening Blender, looking at the Interface and immediately closing it again. This happened so often! A part of me really wanted to learn it, but I…

  6. Lizzu, the Lizzard

    Date 08 Aug 2017
    During my vacations I worked with clay which is really hard for my clumsy hands, but nevertheless fun. Meet Lizzu, the Lizzard: And for the extra fun… …the head can tilt lololol:

  7. Wedding Card / Infographic

    Date 17 Jul 2017
    Preview and color variant Two friends of me got married and invited me to a wonderful wedding at a castle this weekend! For their wedding card I was also drawing an infographic-card with 3 ideas how to spend the money ;-)I tried some color various and test-printed them in a small…

  8. Portrait Practice

    Date 11 Jul 2017
    Currently I have a lot of work, so for today here’s something from last year which I never posted. I normally like to draw flat illustrations or in a cartoony style, but sometimes it overcomes me to just paint!  Apparently I also saved some process files, so I created a gif!…

  9. XP Concept Animations

    Date 09 Jul 2017
    This is a follow-up entry on GGR: New Avatars where I explain my work on the new XP & level-up feature. Today I focus on the XP-bar, the level-up and the concept for the chest-opening, which, in our case, is a suitcase Concept Animations Including the XP-bar into the avatar was…

  10. New Avatars

    Date 07 Jul 2017
    I was working on the look and animations for an XP progress indicator which involved changes on the avatar itself, too From Rank to XP Instead of Seasons and a rank-based system, we changed to a level-up system. My job was to find a solution for the exchange: getting rid of the

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