Illustration / UI & UX / Animation

Hello! I'm born in Bremen (north of Germany) and studied communication design (focus: interaction design) at Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. I'm working as UI Designer (including UX, animations, technical implementation) & Game Artist since 5 years, currently working at GameDuell in Berlin.
Work focus: UI, UX, Illustration, Animation. I also love clean and minimalistic graphic design which I mostly do for freelance clients.

Open for freelance work -

Projects @GameDuell:
New game prototypes, Grand Gin Rummy, Grand Gin Rummy 2,, Skat-Masters and our 70+ games at

Clients & Projects as freelancer and @Jung von Matt/Spree advertising agency:
Augenblick Optik, Colorcode Records, Deutsche Post, Infopark AG, KTC Bremen e.V., Konrad Technologies, Martin Peterdamm Photography, Mercedes Benz, Modepreis Hannover, Nachtlicht Media, Nikon, R+V

Game Projects

Unpublished project

Year: tba
Role: UI Artist, Game Artist

Grand Gin Rummy 2

Mobile Game
Year: 2019
Role: UI, UX, Game Artist

Grand Gin Rummy

Mobile Game
Year: 2016
Role: UI Artist, Game Artist, Marketing Designer
Company: GameDuell

Mobile Game
Year: 2014
Role: Marketing Designer, Game Artist
Company: GameDuell

Chaos on Deponia

Video Game
Year: 2012
Role: Trailer Animation Assistent
Company: Daedalic Entertainment


Video Game
Year: 2011
Role: Animation Artist
Company: Daedalic Entertainment

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