1. Complete eBook. Grab it, it’s free!

    Date 16 Feb 2018
    I’m excited to share my work on the eBook ‘The JavaScript Web Development Revolution - How Technologies Like ReactJS and Serverless Computing Will Change the World’ I was working on all design parts of the book: Cover, illustrations and graphics, color concept, font choices & complete layout of all 41 pages. I…

  2. Grand Rin Rummy: New Years Animation

    Date 02 Jan 2018
    I haven’t posted in a long while as most stuff I was working on is secret so far.But here’s something I can show in between: some screens and animations for the Grand Gin Rummy app animation preview First I created a preview animation and later rebuild it in Unity 3D,…

  3. Merry christmas! Happy holidays!

    Date 24 Dec 2017
    Personally, I love christmas for the sake of being home, having the whole family together at one place, and just enjoying some quite days off work. As the tradition asks for it, I painted a christmas card for family and friends. Next year I’ll have some exciting news to share. Looking…

  4. Business Cards

    Date 12 Dec 2017
    If you’ve met me at the conference Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn in Portugal or recently in Berlin, you might already know my new business card.  I want to have a simple but playful design. So far I’m still happy with the card and got super nice feedback. Hope you…

  5. Ice Ice Baby

    Date 28 Aug 2017
    Another Special for Grand Gin Rummy! As in the past specials I was responsible for offering some concepts and then creating and implementing the assets - this time with the allowance to go a bit off-style and create more attention.  Goodbye styleguide colors - a dream in pastel With that freedom, I could go…

  6. Jackpot!

    Date 21 Aug 2017
    One of our newest features in the Grand Gin Rummy app is the Jackpot! Beneath other things, I had the pleasure to be responsible for the main visual, which was a lot of fun!  Explorations I First, thinking of a Jackpot, the idea was an actual pot, so I spend the…

  7. Unlocked Indicator

    Date 20 Aug 2017
    A short entry for today: We needed an indicator for new or unlocked content, i.e. after a level-up. Every time the user returns to the main menu after unlocking new content, this overlay is shown. I uploaded the preview graphics here, final animations were done in Unity 3D. To keep things simple…

  8. Main Menu: XP Bonus Indicator

    Date 18 Aug 2017
    We wanted to add a bonus in experience points on higher stakes, so I created some drafts how we could display the bonus in the very narrow space in the Stake Selection.As I created the XP icon in 3D, I also created some drafts with XP stacks in perspective, unfortunately…

  9. XP-Icon or how to struggle with Blender

    Date 18 Aug 2017
    Me: “Oh, I really should learn to use Blender. It’s a free 3D software and I possibly can create cool stuff with it!”Also me: opening Blender, looking at the Interface and immediately closing it again. This happened so often! A part of me really wanted to learn it, but I…

  10. Lizzu, the Lizzard

    Date 08 Aug 2017
    During my vacations I worked with clay which is really hard for my clumsy hands, but nevertheless fun. Meet Lizzu, the Lizzard: And for the extra fun… …the head can tilt lololol:

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