Grand Gin Rummy Tournaments

Together with my colleagues I was working on the first Grand Gin Rummy Tournaments. We created the graphics for a new competitive feature for the app, where player can win high stakes. To stand out from the normal app, it got a classy black & gold look, while the elements are inspired from the 20s art deco. This is what the tournaments look like:

I jumped in to help with the tournaments a bit later, as I was involved in other projects before - so I already could use a lot of assets my colleagues created during that time and didn’t had to start from scratch. I starting creating a lot of popups:

The first tournaments contained a special offer for the black friday. I created the popup as well as the shop graphics. As a tournament is a feature and not a ‘regular’ special offer, I wanted to see this in the shop offer, too. Normally we don’t change any elements here expect our special offer graphic. I spoke to our developers if we can make this possible and when I got a yes, I included a version with adjusted elements in my preview files. Luckily, our Lead Artist liked that version as well, so I’m happy it made it into the app. 

Importing and building the scenes in Unity was part of all created graphics.

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