One of our newest features in the Grand Gin Rummy app is the Jackpot! Beneath other things, I had the pleasure to be responsible for the main visual, which was a lot of fun! 

Explorations I

First, thinking of a Jackpot, the idea was an actual pot, so I spend the first day with some scribbles and ideas how a jackpot could look like, including editing old assets likeI also created a quick exploration for the dashboard animation with coins falling down into the pot as a sign for an increasing jackpot, combined with a counter.Then the briefing changed to create a safe as main visual which was great, as this brings a direct connection to our storytelling in the hotel. 

Explorations II

Together with my colleague I explored possible perspectives for the safe (matching the floor/carpet) as well as different styles for the safe. Based on some of the research images, a tendency for black/whitegold safes appeared and became a strong favourite. In my eyes, this color combination was way to close to our Tournaments color scheme (which is… black/whitegold ;-) ), so I added more color combinations from our styleguide with a focus on a warm gold like our bell asset. I’m glad I could convince my mates here, so that we went for a warm gold/magenta version in the end! As we agreed on the basics, I created the safe in the chosen perspective from flat colors to rendered.


So.much.fun. I applied different handles, number wheels, color combinations, feet, different pattern/frames on the door. Finally my colleagues, who were working on the screens for the Jackpot, integrated my visual and I’m very happy with it.


From flat to rendered

Different items

Detail of the number wheel

Sidebar Icon

For our Sidebar and menu header we needed a minimal icon of the jackpot as well. I created some quick icons in Illustrator and went with different ideas. The sidebar icon is super small and the problem I needed so solve there was to find an easy symbol which is not confusing with similar icons. Example: The number wheel easily looks like a gear-wheel and would make the user think of settings instead of a jackpot/safe.

In the end I got the idea to go for a safe with a keyhole - sure, the safe in the visual doesn’t have a keyhole, still it represents the locking mechanism and is working well in small sizes.

Sidebar Explorations

Final Icon

Teamwork! Credits: Coins - Sammy Mansour, Animation - Stefan Chavdarov, Dashboard/Leaderboard UI and Visual Support: Enrico Schmidt, Main Menu Teaser Bar: Esko Kolb, Technical Artist: Robert Schneider. Fabric inside the safe was taken from the Level-up suitcase.

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