XP Concept Animations

This is a follow-up entry on GGR: New Avatars where I explain my work on the new XP & level-up feature. Today I focus on the XP-bar, the level-up and the concept for the chest-opening, which, in our case, is a suitcase.

Concept Animations

Including the XP-bar into the avatar was the first idea and in this case, the first idea made it into the app. I created some rough animations I created for the process of gaining XP (with a placeholder for the XP-icon). 

Better quality (HD) video here: https://vimeo.com/224715732

I really like creating animations, especially in after effects and I’m a big fan of null layers and expressions! In this case, I created the base files and made them easy usable for other artists as well. All significant animated layers could get handled via Slider Controls.

left/center: early concepts, right: late concept (teamwork)

I also created the early concept for the result flow where the users sees that he’s getting XP and maybe eben a bonus. For the chest opening, I created the early concept for the opening and in the end we went with the perspective version and my colleagues created a very nice suitcase and reward process while I was working on the XP-Icon. My next blog entry will show the progress of creating that XP icon or: how to struggle with Blender for the first time.

early concept for the reward opening animation

Using Format