Grand Gin Rummy Winter Special

I worked on a winter special for the Grand Gin Rummy App which was active during the winter holidays. After the halloween special, this was the 2nd major special we created of the app. For the first drafts, I got asked to explore some different icons and themes and - beside the obvious cold winter styles - also to include some warm themes. Here’s my process:

We chose the snowflake as main icon. I also created some experimental drafts of frosty cards. I finalised the chosen icon symmetrically: 

Then I created some variations for the ingame card back and played with the colors as well. During the whole special, I got great support of my dear colleague Sari Deviyani.

For the ingame background I first got asked to keep the main background in its original color (magenta) and work around it, without making it too cold. In my early explorations I also added an additional blue icy version - and I was happy when we later decided to for something like this. Here you can see some explorations for the ingame background: 

Later the colors got changed to a warmer purple range. At this point I was already working on the popups, so my colleagues made the colors changes. You can have a look on the final version here:

I also created the popups for the special offer, as well as the shop for our shops. Also here, the credits for the color changes go to my colleagues :)

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