Grand Gin Rummy - Worldwide Launch

This week, GameDuell (the company I’m currently working for) published the new mobile game Grand Gin Rummy for iOS and Android. Means I can finally show some works of the last months! Together with a colleague (we worked in a small 2-man-team) I prepared the marketing and advertising material for the launch. 

We created the official website, where my part was animating the header and coding some subsites (html/css).

Official website

Together we the marketing team, we collected ideas for our campaigns and created over 200 banners in various resolutions as well as animated slideshows and carousal ads. 

carousal ad for facebook

We created Icons, Screenshots, Header and Graphics for posts and split tests for the social media channels (FacebookTwitterYoutube) and app stores. 


Furthermore we were responsible for the In-App-Messages and for our internal CRM-tool (my part: layout and coding in HTML/CSS3).

Gin Rummy is mostly played in North America, but it also contains elements of the regular rummy. You can download the free to play game here:


iPhone und iPad

Head of Studio: Todd English
Art Director: Ian Bowden

Using Format