Grand Gin Rummy - level up!

The last weeks I’ve been working on a big new feature for the Grand Gin Rummy App, which just got released. As I not only like mobile games but video games as well, I’m a big fan of any system which provides gaining experience to level up. And that’s exactly what’s new now! 

Here’s a sneak peak of the new feature (there’s sound, too):

This is the biggest update for our app so far, so I’ll post the process in pieces. 

As a quick overview I worked on the new avatar, result flow, the XP bar, the level-up, the chest opening and the xp icon itself. On some of these parts I only participated a litte, others I worked on 100%. I’ll cut down the process in upcoming post and will show some my work from concept to final. 

Overall it was an awesome team effort, also greatly supported by our developers who always help us with the integration and testing of the final assets.

Gaining XP

Early Level-up concept

Using Format