Ice Ice Baby

Another Special for Grand Gin Rummy! As in the past specials I was responsible for offering some concepts and then creating and implementing the assets - this time with the allowance to go a bit off-style and create more attention. 

Goodbye styleguide colors - a dream in pastel

With that freedom, I could go a bit crazy and created some quick drafts. As the special was a bit spontaneous, I got great support from my UI colleague, who created the shop graphics with my assets and also drew that cute ice cream cone in the bellhops hand.

For the first time I also got the chance to overpaint our mascot, the bellhop. Normally changes in our mascot and bigger illustrations would be done by our inhouse-illustrators but this time there was zero time left. As we normally don’t overpaint our mascot for small specials it would have been fine just without a change, but after finishing concept and assets for this special there was still a bit time left until the build, so I got the the chance to try if I can do it. 

Illustration? Challenge accepted

By got the chance, I mean inviting and advertising myself to get the task, because sometimes you need to just say what you want. So if I wouldn’t have taken the chance to at least try it, we could just have used the regular mascot version. I took the standard version and turned him into a ice cream seller, so that we had a small story together with the typical awning. With the great feedback I got, I created three idles of this mascot version. They got approved and are all used within our app - success!

My first draft for a quick change

older version of our mascot turned into an ice cream seller

Final poses and single assets

Credits: Original mascot version by Sammy Mansour, who also gave me great feedback for my concepts. Ice cream cone in the hand: Stefan Chavdarov.

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