Casual Connect Conference 2017

Today I visited the Casual Connect conference. I got the opportunity to visit some interesting talks i.e. about HTML5 Games, Unity Ads and upcoming Facebook Game Features.

Also I couldn’t resist to grab some cute stuffed animals - hellooooo, you always get with me cute animals! Btw, there were a lot of ‘angry birds’ hidden everywhere - the person who finds the most is getting a free ticket for the next Casual Connect. So far I haven’t heard of anyone having more than me, which is awesome two angry birds! CC 2018, I’m coming! ;-)

Animated trailer for

A while ago I created a new trailer for the app Totally forgot to post it here - it’s running on Youtube and on our app pages.  

All animations, also the gameplay ones, are done in After Effects without any screencaptures, so that we can easily exchange parts of the video for new trailers.
I created the scenes similar to some banners I created for, i.e. simplifying the gameplay screens for more effective compositions instead of rebuilding the screen 1:1.

I like 2D animations a lot, so this was for sure one of my favourite tasks for the marketing team!

Grand Gin Rummy Winter Special

I worked on a winter special for the Grand Gin Rummy App which was active during the winter holidays. After the halloween special, this was the 2nd major special we created of the app. For the first drafts, I got asked to explore some different icons and themes and - beside the obvious cold winter styles - also to include some warm themes. Here’s my process:

We chose the snowflake as main icon. I also created some experimental drafts of frosty cards. I finalised the chosen icon symmetrically: 

Then I created some variations for the ingame card back and played with the colors as well. During the whole special, I got great support of my dear colleague Sari Deviyani.

For the ingame background I first got asked to keep the main background in its original color (magenta) and work around it, without making it too cold. In my early explorations I also added an additional blue icy version - and I was happy when we later decided to for something like this. Here you can see some explorations for the ingame background: 

Later the colors got changed to a warmer purple range. At this point I was already working on the popups, so my colleagues made the colors changes. You can have a look on the final version here:

I also created the popups for the special offer, as well as the shop for our shops. Also here, the credits for the color changes go to my colleagues :)

Grand Gin Rummy - social media posts

I created some layouts for our social media postings during the Grand Gin Rummy tournaments. In the past, my colleague Robert Schneider and me were working on an internal tool for four social media & PR team (WYSIWYG). For this tool, I created new graphics and elements with our new tournament assets and implemented them into the tool.

Please note: all texts are just placeholder. Our content managers will update you about news and improvements of the tournament on our Facebook channel.

My part: Layout, Coding (HTML, CSS)

Grand Gin Rummy Tournaments

Together with my colleagues I was working on the first Grand Gin Rummy Tournaments. We created the graphics for a new competitive feature for the app, where player can win high stakes. To stand out from the normal app, it got a classy black & gold look, while the elements are inspired from the 20s art deco. This is what the tournaments look like:

I jumped in to help with the tournaments a bit later, as I was involved in other projects before - so I already could use a lot of assets my colleagues created during that time and didn’t had to start from scratch. I starting creating a lot of popups:

The first tournaments contained a special offer for the black friday. I created the popup as well as the shop graphics. As a tournament is a feature and not a ‘regular’ special offer, I wanted to see this in the shop offer, too. Normally we don’t change any elements here expect our special offer graphic. I spoke to our developers if we can make this possible and when I got a yes, I included a version with adjusted elements in my preview files. Luckily, our Lead Artist liked that version as well, so I’m happy it made it into the app. 

Importing and building the scenes in Unity was part of all created graphics.

Grand Gin Rummy - 4th of July Special

In the past, I created the Special Offer Popups (In-App messages) for the Grand Gin Rummy app. To celebrate the Independence Day (4th of July) we created a themed table and offered a special deal with a discount on buying chips.
For the Special Offer Popup, I created some drafts:

Original Special Offer (left) and some drafts for the 4th of July version

Two of my favourites which weren’t making it into the app

Working together with our CRM-Team, I added an additional ‘Sale’-disturber in the last special offer - which was working well, so that we kept it for this special as well.

Final Special Offer and buttons in different states

Grand Gin Rummy - Worldwide Launch

This week, GameDuell (the company I’m currently working for) published the new mobile game Grand Gin Rummy for iOS and Android. Means I can finally show some works of the last months! Together with a colleague (we worked in a small 2-man-team) I prepared the marketing and advertising material for the launch. 

We created the official website, where my part was animating the header and coding some subsites (html/css).

Official website

Together we the marketing team, we collected ideas for our campaigns and created over 200 banners in various resolutions as well as animated slideshows and carousal ads. 

carousal ad for facebook

We created Icons, Screenshots, Header and Graphics for posts and split tests for the social media channels (FacebookTwitterYoutube) and app stores. 


Furthermore we were responsible for the In-App-Messages and for our internal CRM-tool (my part: layout and coding in HTML/CSS3).

Gin Rummy is mostly played in North America, but it also contains elements of the regular rummy. You can download the free to play game here:


iPhone und iPad

Head of Studio: Todd English
Art Director: Ian Bowden

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