1. Lizzu, the Lizzard

    Date 08 Aug 2017
    During my vacations I worked with clay which is really hard for my clumsy hands, but nevertheless fun. Meet Lizzu, the Lizzard: And for the extra fun… …the head can tilt lololol:

  2. Wedding Card / Infographic

    Date 17 Jul 2017
    Preview and color variant Two friends of me got married and invited me to a wonderful wedding at a castle this weekend! For their wedding card I was also drawing an infographic-card with 3 ideas how to spend the money ;-)I tried some color various and test-printed them in a small…

  3. Portrait Practice

    Date 11 Jul 2017
    Currently I have a lot of work, so for today here’s something from last year which I never posted. I normally like to draw flat illustrations or in a cartoony style, but sometimes it overcomes me to just paint!  Apparently I also saved some process files, so I created a gif!…

  4. XP Concept Animations

    Date 09 Jul 2017
    This is a follow-up entry on GGR: New Avatars where I explain my work on the new XP & level-up feature. Today I focus on the XP-bar, the level-up and the concept for the chest-opening, which, in our case, is a suitcase Concept Animations Including the XP-bar into the avatar was…

  5. New Avatars

    Date 07 Jul 2017
    I was working on the look and animations for an XP progress indicator which involved changes on the avatar itself, too From Rank to XP Instead of Seasons and a rank-based system, we changed to a level-up system. My job was to find a solution for the exchange: getting rid of the

  6. Grand Gin Rummy - level up!

    Date 06 Jul 2017
    The last weeks I’ve been working on a big new feature for the Grand Gin Rummy App, which just got released. As I not only like mobile games but video games as well, I’m a big fan of any system which provides gaining experience to level up. And that’s exactly what’s…

  7. Magic Unicorg

    Date 02 Jul 2017
    Birthday card for a friend who - well, had his birthday recently! Meet the magic unicorg:

  8. Father’s Day Special

    Date 28 Jun 2017
    Since our Father’s Day Special already was live, I can publish my work here now. I created the graphics for the special which this time includes the offer popup and the shop entry for mobile and facebook.  created illustrations, partly from the concept phase left: concept. center+right: live screens This time…

  9. Comic Collab #69 ‘Forest’

    Date 15 Jun 2017
    For the first time I participated in the Comic Collab initiated by german comic artist Schlogger. The topic for this month was ‘forest’. As the initiative is german, I uploaded my comic in german - but there’s an english version at the end of this blog post as well Over the rest…

  10. Sunday Doodles

    Date 11 Jun 2017
    For practising a render technique for illustrations (2D) I created some assets in flat shapes only to add light and shadows later. I’ll create more assets and composite them all togehter into one scene As I’m working on the Grand Gin Rummy mobile game which plays in a hotel, the…

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