1. Pattern

    Date 03 May 2017
    In the past I created some patterns for the App Grand Gin Rummy, and now I ended up playing around with patterns just for myself. Seems like I found a new passion! Here are two patterns where I played with the size and colours to create different settings:

  2. Easter Special

    Date 19 Apr 2017
    For the easter season, I created another set of graphics. This includes our special easter ingame tablecloth, the cards, shop entry, and special popups.  Exploration on card styles Exploration on table backgrounds game table popup style shop entry

  3. Birthday card in dinosaur

    Date 22 Mar 2017
    GROWOWO! Growarl roar! Growoarl! We all know how to speak dinosaur, as everyone likes dinos.  GROAWL!

  4. Grand Gin Rummy Valentine’s Special

    Date 15 Feb 2017
    Now where the Valentine’s Day is over, I can show you my latest work for Grand Gin Rummy. Currently we a running a special Valentine’s Table with higher stakes. I was responsible for all ingame graphics and I enjoyed working on it! . Card Back I started with card backs containing a…

  5. Casual Connect Conference 2017

    Date 08 Feb 2017
    Today I visited the Casual Connect conference. I got the opportunity to visit some interesting talks i.e. about HTML5 Games, Unity Ads and upcoming Facebook Game Features Also I couldn’t resist to grab some cute stuffed animals - hellooooo, you always get with me cute animals! Btw, there were a…

  6. Animated trailer for

    Date 17 Jan 2017
    A while ago I created a new trailer for the app Totally forgot to post it here - it’s running on Youtube and on our app pages.   All animations, also the gameplay ones, are done in After Effects without any screencaptures, so that we can easily exchange parts…

  7. Grand Gin Rummy Winter Special

    Date 13 Jan 2017
    I worked on a winter special for the Grand Gin Rummy App which was active during the winter holidays. After the halloween special, this was the 2nd major special we created of the app. For the first drafts, I got asked to explore some different icons and themes and -…

  8. Grand Gin Rummy - social media posts

    Date 09 Jan 2017
    I created some layouts for our social media postings during the Grand Gin Rummy tournaments. In the past, my colleague Robert Schneider and me were working on an internal tool for four social media & PR team (WYSIWYG). For this tool, I created new graphics and elements with our new tournament assets…

  9. Grand Gin Rummy Tournaments

    Date 05 Jan 2017
    Together with my colleagues I was working on the first Grand Gin Rummy Tournaments. We created the graphics for a new competitive feature for the app, where player can win high stakes. To stand out from the normal app, it got a classy black & gold look, while the elements are inspired…

  10. Happy Holidays 2016 & Happy New Year 2017!

    Date 05 Jan 2017
    2016. I’m not sad saying goodbye to this awkward year. Hope you had great holidays! Every year I draw and print some christmas cards for my family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. To keep the theme secret for them, I’m only uploading them this late.   Hope for a ‘klossisches’ new year 2017! 

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