1. Grand Gin Rummy - 4th of July Special

    Date 19 Jul 2016
    In the past, I created the Special Offer Popups (In-App messages) for the Grand Gin Rummy app. To celebrate the Independence Day (4th of July) we created a themed table and offered a special deal with a discount on buying chips.For the Special Offer Popup, I created some drafts: Original Special…

  2. Grand Gin Rummy - Worldwide Launch

    Date 19 Feb 2016
    This week, GameDuell (the company I’m currently working for) published the new mobile game Grand Gin Rummy for iOS and Android. Means I can finally show some works of the last months! Together with a colleague (we worked in a small 2-man-team) I prepared the marketing and advertising material for the launch. We created the…

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