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I’m excited to share my work on the eBook ‘The JavaScript Web Development Revolution - How Technologies Like ReactJS and Serverless Computing Will Change the World’!

I was working on all design parts of the book: Cover, illustrations and graphics, color concept, font choices & complete layout of all 41 pages. I am very happy with the workflow and result and hope to work on even more eBooks in the future.

Concept Sketches to final Illustrations





Alternative Cover Concept

Cover Concept


Color Concept

I love creating color concepts. I received the company’s CI including their main logo color and created color compositions around it. That’s partly a very technical step, going for standard contrasts which always work well, and partly plain experimental. Insight:

Icons, Infographics, Details

I created some additional infographics, icons and shapes for the layout of the eBook. 

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Client: Scrivito / Infopark AG

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