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  1. Merry christmas! Happy holidays!

    24 Dec 2017

    Personally, I love christmas for the sake of being home, having the whole family together at one place, and just enjoying some quite days off work. As the tradition asks for it, I painted a christmas card for family and friends. Next year I’ll have some exciting news to share…

  2. Grand Gin Rummy Winter Special

    13 Jan 2017

    I worked on a winter special for the Grand Gin Rummy App which was active during the winter holidays. After the halloween special, this was the 2nd major special we created of the app. For the first drafts, I got asked to explore some different icons and themes and -…

  3. Happy Holidays 2016 & Happy New Year 2017!

    05 Jan 2017

    2016. I’m not sad saying goodbye to this awkward year. Hope you had great holidays! Every year I draw and print some christmas cards for my family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. To keep the theme secret for them, I’m only uploading them this late.   Hope for a ‘klossisches’ new year…

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