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  1. Complete eBook. Grab it, it’s free!

    16 Feb 2018

    I’m excited to share my work on the eBook ‘The JavaScript Web Development Revolution - How Technologies Like ReactJS and Serverless Computing Will Change the World’ I was working on all design parts of the book: Cover, illustrations and graphics, color concept, font choices & complete layout of all 41…

  2. Merry christmas! Happy holidays!

    24 Dec 2017

    Personally, I love christmas for the sake of being home, having the whole family together at one place, and just enjoying some quite days off work. As the tradition asks for it, I painted a christmas card for family and friends. Next year I’ll have some exciting news to share…

  3. Business Cards

    12 Dec 2017

    If you’ve met me at the conference Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn in Portugal or recently in Berlin, you might already know my new business card.  I want to have a simple but playful design. So far I’m still happy with the card and got super nice feedback. Hope you…

  4. Ice Ice Baby

    28 Aug 2017

    Another Special for Grand Gin Rummy! As in the past specials I was responsible for offering some concepts and then creating and implementing the assets - this time with the allowance to go a bit off-style and create more attention.  Goodbye styleguide colors - a dream in pastel With that…

  5. Jackpot!

    21 Aug 2017

    One of our newest features in the Grand Gin Rummy app is the Jackpot! Beneath other things, I had the pleasure to be responsible for the main visual, which was a lot of fun!  Explorations I First, thinking of a Jackpot, the idea was an actual pot, so I spend…

  6. Wedding Card / Infographic

    17 Jul 2017

    Preview and color variant Two friends of me got married and invited me to a wonderful wedding at a castle this weekend! For their wedding card I was also drawing an infographic-card with 3 ideas how to spend the money ;-)I tried some color various and test-printed them in a…

  7. Portrait Practice

    11 Jul 2017

    Currently I have a lot of work, so for today here’s something from last year which I never posted. I normally like to draw flat illustrations or in a cartoony style, but sometimes it overcomes me to just paint!  Apparently I also saved some process files, so I created a…

  8. Grand Gin Rummy - level up!

    06 Jul 2017

    The last weeks I’ve been working on a big new feature for the Grand Gin Rummy App, which just got released. As I not only like mobile games but video games as well, I’m a big fan of any system which provides gaining experience to level up. And that’s exactly…

  9. Magic Unicorg

    02 Jul 2017

    Birthday card for a friend who - well, had his birthday recently! Meet the magic unicorg:

  10. Father’s Day Special

    28 Jun 2017

    Since our Father’s Day Special already was live, I can publish my work here now. I created the graphics for the special which this time includes the offer popup and the shop entry for mobile and facebook.  created illustrations, partly from the concept phase left: concept. center+right: live screens This…

  11. Sunday Doodles

    11 Jun 2017

    For practising a render technique for illustrations (2D) I created some assets in flat shapes only to add light and shadows later. I’ll create more assets and composite them all togehter into one scene As I’m working on the Grand Gin Rummy mobile game which plays in a hotel, the…

  12. Pattern

    03 May 2017

    In the past I created some patterns for the App Grand Gin Rummy, and now I ended up playing around with patterns just for myself. Seems like I found a new passion! Here are two patterns where I played with the size and colours to create different settings:

  13. Easter Special

    19 Apr 2017

    For the easter season, I created another set of graphics. This includes our special easter ingame tablecloth, the cards, shop entry, and special popups.  Exploration on card styles Exploration on table backgrounds game table popup style shop entry

  14. Birthday card in dinosaur

    22 Mar 2017

    GROWOWO! Growarl roar! Growoarl! We all know how to speak dinosaur, as everyone likes dinos.  GROAWL!

  15. Grand Gin Rummy Valentine’s Special

    15 Feb 2017

    Now where the Valentine’s Day is over, I can show you my latest work for Grand Gin Rummy. Currently we a running a special Valentine’s Table with higher stakes. I was responsible for all ingame graphics and I enjoyed working on it! . Card Back I started with card backs…

  16. Happy Holidays 2016 & Happy New Year 2017!

    05 Jan 2017

    2016. I’m not sad saying goodbye to this awkward year. Hope you had great holidays! Every year I draw and print some christmas cards for my family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. To keep the theme secret for them, I’m only uploading them this late.   Hope for a ‘klossisches’ new year…

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