Colorcode Records

I had the chance to create the whole Corporate Identity, Brand Design and covers for the new label Colorcode Records, founded by Roman Lindau, Sascha Rydell and Monomood, who are former key members of the well-known label Fachwerk Records. The label also works with a PR agency for which I created a whole PR package ready to use.

They came up with the concept of releasing EPs with different genres and to represent these genres with a color. This color, visible in the artwork of the Vinyl or digital cover, will give you a hint what genre you can expect: Blue = dub, red = techno, green = house… can you crack all upcoming colorcodes?

Logo & CI

Logo variants: a wide version for small space, a squared version for social media & avatars

Vinyl & digital covers

Current Vinyl and digital covers of the first releases. Minimal, focused on colors and shapes.

Social Media assets

I created some graphics specifically for social media use, i.e. squared and portrait images for Instagram posts and stories. 

Stop reading, start listening

Last but not least, take the chance to listen to my favorite track so far:

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