eBook: The JavaScript Web Development Revolution

I worked on this eBook, supporting the Scrivito-team with all steps of the layout including the illustrations. As the topic is of course a very technical one, Scrivito wanted to have the the look itself light-weighted and more playful, which is why they approached me. 
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Cluttered shapes cover variant, concept sketch

Playful cover cariant, concept sketch

Final cover illustration

Concept sketch


Concept sketch


Complete Layout

I was working on all design parts of the book: Cover, illustrations and graphics, color concept, font choices & complete layout of all 41 pages. I am very happy with the result! Here's s short extract of the layout with different styles i.e. headline, quotes, copy and also a simple infographic:

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You can get the full eBook here for free: scrivito.com/eBook

Client: Scrivito / Infopark AG

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